The Networking Process
What Dale Carnegie is to Sales, Dan Williams is to Networking.
— Carlos Diggs, VP Frontier Technologies, Inc.

Dan is a published author, successful community builder and one of the highest-endorsed individuals on LinkedIn. His networking keynote talks and interactive workshops include major universities, national associations and businesses.

Dan’s corporate experience includes leading sales teams for British Telecom and Verizon Communications


The Networking Process

Dan’s five step methodology is a simple, powerful and proven process to networking. It allows the networker to enjoy navigating the temporary ebbs and flows of success, knowing that the desired results are simply five steps away.



Mixing stories with with light humor, Dan energetically shares life lessons on the art and science of networking and how it transformed his life. Those who attend Dan's keynote speeches find his advice practical and motivational.

Dan was a fantastic co-presenter at Podcamp DC. His insights into LinkedIn, stories as an early adopter, and combination of social networking with offline networking made his contributions to PodCamp invaluable. I’d highly recommend him for any speaking engagement or conference.
— Christopher Penn, Co-Founder & Chief Innovator - Trust Insights


Dan teaches how to build your networking community through systematically managing network contacts from the point of simple awareness through a series of measurable milestones. Dan's networking system is adaptable to virtually any set of circumstances. He provides participants with a networking template to achieve their sales goals and networking tactics such as how to develop their elevator pitch and remember names. Plus, Dan shares his experience with the ONE networking principle that has NEVER failed.

Dan has created a remarkably effective methodology of evaluation and control of the networking funtion vital to the business professional. If you do not attend his seminar to grasp and implement this method, you will eventually be passed by those of your competition that do. Dan’s presentation is very powerful.
— Michael Waligorski, Director of Marketing - Omega Marketing International


Dan offers coaching to those who desire guidance in applying his time-proven principles which translate into increasing the quality of their personal life as well as enhanced productivity to exceed their sales goals.

Dan is one of the best networking resources around today. He’s really mastered the game and is helping everyone around him do so as well.
— Steve Roy, President at Telecom Buyer

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